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About us

KALUBE Consults is a limited liability company incorporated on the 22nd of June 2016 by the Registrar of Companies in Uganda. The incorporation of the company is with the certificate number 223595 under section 18(3) of the Companies Act 2012 of the Republic of Uganda.

Kalube introduces a new edge of innovation towards transforming knowledge into tangible and intangible value through our consultant pool. To achieve this, we leverage technology tools to connect to a pool of experts and associate consultants across Africa. This helps to adopt multi-disciplinary, multi-national and multi-cultural approaches to our service delivery across Africa.

With the stagnation of the African agricultural economy (largely Agrarian sector) to the failed industrial economy (largely the manufacturing sector) and the slow growth of the Post-industrial economy (largely service sector), KALUBE consults focus on the knowledge economy (largely technology/human Capital), as a tool to be used in providing the required-specific knowledge/skills in boosting all other sectors. This is made possible through our network of associate consultants and experts across Africa.

To be the leading, most efficient, and effective consulting network in Africa.

To provide a highly skilled multi-disciplinary expert network and deliver excellent
Results to our clients’ challenges.

Operational Strategy
Through our operation strategy, we strive to connect highly skilled academics, experienced practitioners and professional researchers to provided services in specific areas field of operation. There are a growing number of underutilized African experts who have not been integrated into the mainstream networks accelerating Africa development. KALUBE consults Ltd therefore, aims at bridging the skill gap by enhancing the accessibility to the pool of African experts in specific areas of needs.